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Adjustable Resistors

Adjustable resistors, also known as adjustable, are those that can be graduated from zero to their maximum resistance. They are used in circuits that must be adjusted because a certain precision is required to achieve optimal performance.

The best known types of adjustable resistors are potentiometers, devices that are normally regulated from outside the electronic device through a rotary or sliding knob.

They are present in the controls for volume, color, brightness of the televisions and controls of the musical chains, among others. Adjustable resistors limit the passage of electrical current, thus causing a voltage drop that prevents abrupt rises that cause serious failures in an electrical circuit.

Currently there are several types of potentiometers, whose characteristics must be known because not all are designed for the same function.

Resistencias regulables

Types of Potentiometers for Adjustable Resistors

Linear or Sliding

These adjustable resistors have a significant resistance and this is the reason why they are usually used in very intense electrical circuits. To change their values, you just have to slide a line.


They have the same operation as the linear ones, but are used in smaller electrical circuits. It features a thread that can be easily manipulated with a screwdriver to adjust resistance levels.


Here the resistance is proportional to the sine of the angle of twist. Two solidary sinusoidal potentiometers rotated at 90° provide the sine and cosine of the angle of rotation. It should be noted that it can have end-of-run stops.


In recent years, digital potentiometers have appeared as an alternative to mechanical devices, which were presenting many problems.

These devices are made up of an integrated circuit that acts in the same way as the analog ones.


These adjustable resistors are normally used to adjust audio, due to their asymmetrical way of behaving when their axis varies.

In the previous potentiometers, the resistance varies linearly, but in these devices it is produced in a vertiginous way, in a kind of curve, which allows a sudden rise or fall of the electrical voltage.

Manufacturers of Adjustable Resistors

At Nugar Resistor Technology we manufacture adjustable resistors for industrial use of the highest quality, using highly resistant materials and the latest technology to find a device that is up to the task of each application.

These characteristics have allowed us to develop exclusive designs.

Without further ado, we invite you to explore the extensive stock of adjustable resistors. Remember that, if you have questions, you can contact us right here, we will immediately be at your entire disposal.

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