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Aluminum Resistors


Wirewound aluminum resistors, suitable for harsh environments with high thermal resistance due to its special manufacturing technology with inorganic materials. High quality resistor designed for frequency inverters and braking.

Aluminum electrical resistors are conceived and designed for various industrial uses that require thermal treatment of fluids and liquid substances. These devices stand out for providing excellent heat exchange to the surface on which they are placed directly.

The elements that come into contact with the aluminum resistors can have very high surface charges. In any case, reality shows that this type of resistance is highly appreciated because it provides excellent performance and extends the life of the elements or systems in which it is installed.

At Nugar Resistor Technology we invite you to learn about the uses of these devices and, in addition, we will detail the characteristics of our products:

Resistencias de aluminio

Aluminum Resistor


Aluminum Resistors: Specifications

– Degree of protection IP40 and IP55.

– Powers 50 W < 1.2 kW.

– Resistance tolerance: ±10%.

– Shielded in a flat aluminum box.

– Increased continuous dissipation mounted directly on the heat sink.

– Possibility of integrating a thermal protector to the resistance with an ohmic value to be specified.

Medidas de resistencias de aluminio
Medidas de resistencias de aluminio
Medidas de resistencias de aluminio
Plano de resistencia de aluminio

Uses of Aluminum Resistors

Aluminum resistors can be used in the following situations:

  • Extrusion cylinders, extrusion-blow molding machines and rubber presses.
  • Machinery for window frames.
  • Food industry.
  • Packaging industry, machinery and equipment for hot melt adhesive.
  • heating elements.
  • For the electrical resistance of the die-cast aluminum plate of boilers.
  • lifting systems.
    Charge and discharge of capacitors.
  • General-purpose electrical machinery.

Resistors with Aluminum Housing

Thanks to their special manufacturing technology, with inorganic materials, the aluminum casing wirewound resistors that we manufacture at Nugar Resistor Technology are perfect for use in harsh contexts with high thermal resistance.

Also, if mounted directly on the heat sink, they offer continuous power dissipation.

A very important aspect of our aluminum-cased resistors is that they are designed for frequency inverters and braking.

It should also be noted that it offers the possibility of integrating a thermal protector, with an ohmic value to be specified, a feature that will be of great help to improve the performance of the device.

Catalog of Aluminum Resistors

Aluminum resistors are elements that offer very high precision, low induction resistance, good stability and robust construction. Due to all these characteristics, they are widely used in industrial sectors, power supplies, frequency converters and automation equipment, among others.

With an excellent use of technology, a fundamental tool in these times, we manufacture exclusive aluminum resistors, which adapt to the new needs demanded by the market. These qualities make our devices have a long useful life, an aspect that the entire industry greatly values.

It should be noted that all the braking resistors that we manufacture are subject to the relevant controls and this means that they are duly certified for industrial use. Without further ado, we invite you to browse the catalog of devices that we have compiled at Nugar Resistor Technology.

Keep in mind that we make immediate deliveries and offer very competitive prices, characteristics that make us your best option to find the aluminum resistors you need.

If you have questions about any aspect of these products, you can contact us right here, we will immediately be at your disposal. With more than 30 years of experience, we are able to help you with everything you need.

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