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Braking Resistors

We are manufacturers of wirewound braking resistors, our resistors are available in different degrees of protection (IP00, IP20, IP55). As well as in different powers, from 50W to 250kW continuously. Braking resistors are made of inorganic materials and have low noise and induction.

We have braking resistors for multiple applications, environments and spaces. Thus adapting to the needs of each client. Large stock, immediate delivery time.

Braking resistors are intended to dissipate the energy generated by a motor during deceleration, the name by which negative acceleration or decrease in speed is known.

These devices are thought and designed to prevent the drive from being damaged by overvoltage and, consequently, to ensure that the device or vehicle stops safely.

At Nugar Resistor Technology we are manufacturers of wirewound braking resistors, available in different degrees of protection (IP00, IP20, IP40, IP55) and powers, with devices that work from 50W to 200kW continuously.

It should be noted that these instruments are made of inorganic materials and have low noise and induction.

We have braking resistors for multiple applications, environments and spaces, adapting perfectly to what the customer wants.

In addition to having a large stock, we stand out for making immediate deliveries and offering very competitive prices.

Our Braking Resistors

The IP20 stator resistors are conceived and designed for frequency and braking variators. They have a ceramic support and are very quiet.

It should also be noted that they have a high thermal resistance, thanks to their special manufacturing technology with inorganic materials.

IP20 braking resistors are ideal for use in equipment that operates at powers between 0.5 kW and 30 kW.

The power resistors that we manufacture at Nugar Resistor Technology are designed for braking and charging applications.

With IP20 protection degree and natural cooling, these devices offer the possibility of installing forced ventilation.

It should be noted that we use inorganic materials of the highest quality, which offer high thermal resistance and silent operation.

Our IP55 braking resistors feature a compact construction that makes them perfect for environments with high levels of dust and splashing water.

It should be noted that they can be supplied with a custom connection hose cable and with an IP55 connection box.

Finally, among its main features, the possibility of integrating a thermal protector stands out, which provides better operation.

Resistencias regulables


The cemented and vitrified resistors with fixing supports are perfect for integration into electrical and distribution cabinets.

We have a wide variety of measurements, powers and ohmic values so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


The flat load resistors that we manufacture in our company fit perfectly to the space you need. They feature a low noise and induction design and are available in various sizes, both in length and width.

With an IP00 degree of protection, these devices have various connection and mounting possibilities.

Thanks to their special manufacturing technology, with inorganic materials, wirewound aluminum resistors are ideal for use in harsh environments with high thermal resistance.

In addition, these teams offer a greater continuous dissipation if it is mounted directly on the heat sink.

Braking Resistors for Frequency Variators

Braking resistors for frequency inverters help slow down or stop a motor, dissipating the excess voltage that it generates when it decelerates.

These devices are also useful for reducing the wear of the braking components, a vital aspect because it can extend the useful life of the equipment since it enables it to brake faster and, consequently, overheating is avoided.

Dynamic Braking Resistors for Motor

The speed of three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors and three-phase synchronous motors are controlled to drive the motor where the output frequency determines the speed and can be adjusted without depending on the magnitude of the voltage.

When the motor is running as a generator (ie, rotating at speeds greater than synchronous speed), the power generated by the motor increases the voltage on the motor’s drive DC bus.

The purpose of the dynamic braking resistor is to limit the voltage increase.

These devices provide a compact and economical solution to dissipate the excess power produced by the motor.

Manufacturers of Braking Resistors

Based in Barcelona, ​​Nugar Resistor Technology is a company that has been manufacturing electrical resistors, heating resistors and braking resistors since 1987.

The quality of the materials used, the good use of technology and our outstanding team of professionals have allowed us to create our own manufacturing systems, many of which are exclusive.

These qualities have allowed us to become a leading company in the sector. Far from being satisfied, we continue to innovate to develop so that our wirewound resistors adapt to the new demands of the market.

With the unstoppable advance of technology as a great ally, we seek to create devices that help customers to ensure that their equipment works perfectly and has a long useful life. Not only do we offer high-quality resistors, but we also have a wide and diverse catalogue. Rest assured that you will find the device you are looking for!

But this is not all, since we make immediate deliveries and the prices of our products are very competitive.

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