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Fixed Resistors

Fixed resistors are components that are part of an electrical circuit and are used to reduce the flow of electricity. In most cases, they are used to limit the current in active components. They always have the same value and their main objective is to oppose the flow of electric current. They are measured in ohms and are normally displayed as the number and then the units (for example: 750 ohms).

At Nugar Resistor Technology we are manufacturers of industrial fixed resistors, with exclusive designs conceived and specially designed to silently reduce the flow of electricity.

In addition, in the manufacturing process we use inorganic materials and we rely on technology so that the final result is a resistant, efficient and ecological device.

We want the client to have a clear notion of our resistances and that is why we provide you with the necessary information so that you do not have any doubts when choosing.

Keys to Choosing Fixed Resistors

When selecting a fixed resistor it is important that the person considers three key aspects: its value, resistance and nominal power.

As explained above, the value is measured in ohms. Resistance, meanwhile, indicates the upper and lower limits of actual performance and is measured in positive and negative percentage.

For example, a tolerance of 20% means that the resistor will work within 20% of the resistor value stated in the specifications.

Rated power shows the upper limit of power that the device can handle and is measured in watts.

A general rule of thumb to prevent this from happening is to use a fixed resistor that has a power rating twice as high as the actual power needed.

Resistencia fija

Types of Fixed Resistors

There are two types of fixed resistors: carbon and metal film. The former are designed for general use and are usually quite inexpensive to produce and purchase. These units have a 5% tolerance with power ratings of ⅛ Watt, ¼ W and ½ W. The main problem with these devices is that they generate noise.

Fixed metal film resistors are used in contexts where higher tolerance is required. They present a higher level of precision than carbon ones due to the nature of the materials used in their manufacture.

It is really very important to pay attention to the types of devices that exist in order to choose the right one for the circuit in which you want to install it. To delve a little deeper into these artifacts, now we are going to differentiate the fixed electrical resistances from the coils:

Fixed Electrical Resistors

The objective of fixed electrical resistors is to oppose the current in such a way that there is a limitation in the electrical circuit so that the user establishes the amount of current that the circuit will have.

These devices have a defined value that comes from the manufacturer, but when using it, it must be known so that it can be applied correctly.

To do this, it is necessary to calculate the resistance, a process that can be done quickly and easily with the color code.

Wirewound Fixed Resistors

Wirewound fixed resistors are those that use a resistor wire wound on the air or a dielectric material (it can be ceramic or vitrified).

In any case, this device has great benefits, among which the following stand out:

  • High power dissipation (1W – 3KW).
  • Medium tolerances (between 2% and 10%).
  • They are very quiet.
  • Wide range of operating voltages.
  • They can work at very high temperatures (up to 400°C)
  • If an alternating one is used, they present a reactive component.
  • They are very robust.
  • Excellent temperature coefficient (-0.1% – +0.1%).
Fabricantes de Resistencias Fijas

Manufacturers of Fixed Resistors

If you need a wirewound or electrical fixed resistor, we manufacture high-quality industrial devices to reduce the flow of electricity.

The quality of the materials we use, added to the good use of the technology we make, have allowed us to create our own manufacturing systems, many of which are exclusive.

That is why, regardless of your needs, rest assured that you will find the fixed resistors you are looking for here.

If you have doubts about the technical specifications of our products or do not know which one is the right one, you can contact us right here.

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