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Industrial Resistors

At Nugar Resistor Technology we manufacture all types of industrial resistors with the latest technology and using the highest quality materials so that you can find the component that is necessary for the electrical system. Our catalog is really extensive and, in addition, we stand out for making immediate deliveries and offering competitive prices. So that you have no doubts, below, we show you the industrial resistances that we manufacture.

Our Industrial Resistors

Electrical load resistors are used to reduce voltage in situations such as motor starting and braking, load regulation, lifting system control, load banks and rheostats.

Our fixed resistors are components that, in most cases, are used to limit the current in active components.

The IP20 resistors have a ceramic support and are very quiet when walking. They are designed and arranged for frequency and braking variators, emphasizing that they are ideal for use in equipment that operates at powers between 0.5 kW and 30 kW.

Our industrial load banks are thought and designed to provide electrical loads. Its main function is to test and provide electrical energy supplies in generators or interruptible power sources.

The power resistors we manufacture are designed for braking and charging applications.

They have an IP20 degree of protection and natural cooling, in addition to offering the possibility of installing cross ventilation.

Our IP55 wirewound resistors feature a compact construction that makes them perfect for environments with high levels of dust and splashing water.

It should be noted that they can be supplied with a custom connection hose cable and with an IP55 connection box.

Resistencias cementadas


The cemented and vitrified resistors with fixing supports are perfect for integration into electrical and distribution cabinets.

We offer equipment with a wide variety of measurements, powers and ohmic values so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


The flat load resistors have a low noise and induction design and are available in various sizes, both in length and width.

With an IP00 degree of protection, these devices have various connection and mounting possibilities.

Thanks to their special manufacturing technology, with inorganic materials, wirewound aluminum resistors are ideal for use in harsh environments with high thermal resistance.

Adjustable resistors are used in circuits that must be adjusted because a certain precision is required to achieve optimal performance.

Our industrial wirewound resistors are made with a conductive wire that is wound on a support of a refractory material tube, which can be in different types of ceramics.

In most cases, this component is used in circuits where too high a power needs to be dissipated.

+34 93 833 43 32

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