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Load Banks


Industrial load banks are devices thought and designed for electrical loads. Its main function is to test and provide electrical energy supplies in generators or uninterruptible power sources.

They contain resistive, inductive and/or capacitive loads that, when connected to an electrical power source, have the capacity to dissipate the energy of that source, providing a stable and controllable load.

In short, what a load bank does is monitor, measure, and record the electrical load on a power supply.

Bancos de Carga
Bancos de Carga

How does a load bank work?

Load banks convert power into heat and dissipate it using a cooling fan, which must be built with materials that are capable of withstanding thermal environments because the case tends to absorb some of that heat.

A device with these characteristics is made up of large resistors with a heat dissipation or cooling system. It should also be noted that a load bank has fans that help to evacuate heat and electronics that make it possible to regulate loads in minimum jumps of up to 1 kW.

When a test is carried out, a software processes all the information to make reports on the operation of the generator throughout the process.

What is a load bank for?

Battery system testing

A load bank allows the battery to be discharged or shed to prevent premature wear. This function is especially useful in electrical laboratories, on test platforms, in data centers and in telecommunications.

Tests in generating plants

Associated with a generator set, a load bank allows the group to be charged in order to avoid fouling in the diesel engines that can impair the operation of the equipment.

Reduce carbonization problems in diesel engines

One of the main uses of a load bank is to eliminate or reduce carbon build-up inside the cylinders of diesel engines.

This is possible because operating at low load causes fuel to build up without burning the engine pistons. This is very important because smoking or marked deterioration of the lubricating oil may occur.

Periodic exercise of UPS systems

Generator sets and motors that generate electricity in emergency systems, such as hospitals, must be tested at least once a month.

A load bank helps determine the operating capacity and reactivity of emergency plants when the system is running.

These are only the main uses of these devices, but it is also worth noting that they can be used in factory turbine tests or in power system ground tests.

At Nugar Resistor Technology we manufacture industrial load banks using the highest quality materials that ensure optimal performance and extremely quiet operation.

With more than 30 years of experience, we design our own exclusive systems, adapted to the needs of our clients and the new demands of the market.

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