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Load Resistors

Load resistors are devices specially thought and designed to dissipate the energy generated by a motor during deceleration.

Its main purpose is to prevent the drive from being damaged by overvoltage and thus ensure that the motor stops safely.

Nugar Resistor Technology we are manufacturers of different types of braking resistors, with a wide and diverse catalog that covers different degrees of protection (IP00, IP20, IP40, IP55) and powers, with devices that work from 50kW to 200 kW continuously. .

All our devices are made with inorganic materials, in addition to respecting the environment, they ensure excellent operation and are very quiet.

In this particular case, we present the load resistors, which are available in various sizes and offer different connection and mounting possibilities.

Resistencias de carga
Resistencias de carga

Our Electrical Load Resistors

Electrical load resistors, also known as “electrical loads”, are used with the aim of reducing voltage, both at the test level and in protective functions, admitting high loads in ceramic types of protection.

These devices are mainly used for motor starting and braking, load regulation, crane control, load banks and rheostats.

In most cases, these devices are placed in strategic positions in a circuit in order to see results that inform about the reduction of the current that circulates.

In this way, overheating or any other problem that could cause a sudden rise or fall in voltage is avoided.

Our electric load resistors adjust perfectly to the space you need. In addition, they have a low noise and induction design and are available in various sizes, both in length and width.

It should also be noted that, with an IP00 degree of protection, these devices offer various connection and mounting possibilities.

Finally, it should be noted that the flat power resistors are made of mica, can be supplied cemented and have wire-wound resistors.

In short, we make high-quality devices that fit the space or artifact so that you can control the electrical voltage without any inconvenience.

Manufacturers of Load Resistors

Nugar Resistor Technology is a company that, since 1987, has been dedicated to the manufacture of electrical resistors, heating resistors and resistors. The quality of the materials used, the good use of technology and our outstanding team of professionals have allowed us to create our own manufacturing systems, many of which are exclusive to the firm.

Far from being satisfied, we continue to innovate with the aim of developing resistors that adapt to the new demands of the market. These characteristics have made our clientele continue to grow, being an absolute reference.

In this particular case, we offer top-level load resistors, which meet all the qualities you are looking for to use both at the testing level and in protective functions. Remember that we have a wide variety of sizes so that you can choose the one that best suits the surface on which you want to install the device.

In addition, you can see the technical specifications of our devices. Keep in mind that we make immediate deliveries and the prices of the company are very competitive. If you have questions about load resistors, or any other device that we manufacture at Nugar Resistor Technology, you can contact us. Our operators will give you an answer immediately.

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