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Power Resistors


Power resistors designed for braking and charging applications. With IP20 protection degree and natural cooling, with the possibility of installing forced ventilation. As manufacturers of power resistors, we use high quality inorganic materials which allow for high thermal resistance and low noise and induction levels.

Electrical circuits use different devices to help regulate and channel the flow of electricity. One of the simplest and most important components are power resistors.

They are in charge of controlling the amount of energy that flows through these systems and bears this name because it resists the current that flows through it.

Power resistors are used, in most cases, in applications that require electricity to change into a different form for later use. For example, they are used in lifting and wind systems.

It is also worth noting that they are used to regulate the circuits’ own power and limit the amount of energy that can pass through digital systems or in small motors so that the current does not damage the components.

Power Resistors: Specifications

Resistencia de potencia

power resistor


Powers25 kW < 250 kW
Resistance Tolerance (R)± 5%
Resistor TerminationsINOX-316L
Support ResistanceCeramics
Resistencia de potencia

power resistor


Outputs, Cooling and Protection


Custom bridges

Thermal protector
Resistencia de potencia

power resistor


Refrigeration N
Natural convection
Refrigeration F
Forced ventilation

Characteristics of Power Resistors

Power resistors are made from numerous materials and come in many sizes. That is why some devices have a simple design, while others are somewhat more complex.

The size is a crucial aspect and it is directly related to the requirements of the circuit where they are going to be placed. At this point, the most important thing to know is that the resistors must be large enough to prevent overheating.

If the measurement is not correct, it is most likely that each unit of the electrical system is overloaded and consequently hot. If this happens, the entire circuit can be seriously compromised. Even in the worst case, it can become obsolete.

There are power resistors that are adjustable, a feature that reduces the possibility of overheating. Also, these devices have multiple connection terminals to provide different resistance levels according to the needs of the circuit.

That is why this type of resistance is highly recommended to avoid any inconvenience in the system.

Resistencias de Potencia

Main Uses of Power Resistors

Power resistors are mainly used in applications that need electricity for a different use. They are also often used to regulate the power of the system in which they are installed and to limit the amount of energy that can pass through digital circuits or small motors.

With the use of power resistors, what is sought is to prevent the electrical components of a system from being damaged, as a result of possible overheating.

Electrical Power Resistors

The power resistors that we manufacture at Nugar Resistor Technology are conceived and designed for both braking and load applications.

With an IP20 degree of protection and natural cooling, these devices offer the possibility of installing cross ventilation to improve the performance of the electrical system in which they are installed.

Of course we use inorganic materials of the highest quality, which offer high thermal resistance and silent operation. With a ceramic resistance support, they provide the protection and security you are looking for to control electricity in a circuit.

It should also be noted that they are prepared to work with powers ranging from 25 kW to 250 kW. With more than 30 years of experience, we continue to innovate with the aim of creating industrial power resistors that adapt to the new demands of the market.

We know the relevance of these devices for various factories and companies and this is the reason why we seek to generate efficient and safe devices that perfectly control the flow of electricity to avoid overheating that compromises the system.

What are Power Resistors for?

The main objective of power resistors is to dissipate the voltage of the instruments in some electrical circuits that require less energy than others.

Basically, by reducing the amount of current, what they do is protect delicate elements within a system.

It can also be of great help to minimize the electrical noise generated by the introduction of energy in a circuit, creating tolerance and stability because it distributes the power properly.

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