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Wirewound Resistors

Our industrial wirewound resistors are a resistor made with a conductive wire, which is made of a special alloy and is wound on a support of a refractory material tube, which can be ceramic.

In most cases, this component is used when too much power needs to be dissipated.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the longer the wire and the larger its section, the greater the dissipation capacity of the wirewound resistors.

In addition, they are manufactured up to values of approximately 100 Kilo Ohms because the aim is to achieve excellent energy dissipation in the smallest possible space.

Due to their characteristics, wirewound resistors can be manufactured in contexts ranging from 5 watts to 200kw or even more.

Resistencias Bobinadas
Resistencias Bobinadas

Wirewound Resistors

Wire-wound resistors are components made with conductive wire with a very high resistivity (which means that it has a specific resistance).

The wire is made of a special alloy and is wound on a support of a tube of refractory material. Let us remember that a refractory material is one that does not allow the conduction of heat, but rather reflects it.

The value of the wound resistance is determined by the cross section of the wire,

its length and the specific strength of the alloy.

These components are used in electrical systems in which a very high power must be dissipated. Specifically, it can work on circuits between 5 and more than 100 watts.

Types Wirewound Resistors

Resistencias Bobinadas


These resistors are frequently found in multimeters and calibration equipment. The main feature is that it has a tolerance of up to 0.005%.

Resistencias bobinadas de potencia


This type of wirewound resistor stands out for having the ability to work at high power because they are made with heat sinks.

Benefits of Wirewound Resistors

The wirewound resistors that we manufacture at Nugar Resistor Technology have the following advantages:

  • Stability over time, due to the quality material with which they are built, they are components that present great stability.
  • There are wirewound resistors designed to have any value.
  • They withstand sudden changes in temperature very well.
  • They have the capacity to withstand large voltage spikes for short times without being damaged or changing their resistive value.

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